There are dozens of companies trying to sell your station digital products. How do I compete in a highly competitive environment? Simple:

1. I make sure I have the best products. I define ‘best’ by combining functionality with affordability. Anyone can build you a $20,000 app but who can build an industry-leading, exceptionally functional app that is in-car-enabled for a price you can afford? We can.

2. I want you to make money. Digital products should be profit centers at radio stations. I can help your team achieve their goals by providing them with the know-how to close digital deals in a time-effective way.

3. I won’t sleep until you can. We have an excellent tech team but if you would like some extra help conceptualizing your products; if there is something you don’t understand; or if you can’t load an urgent piece of sales content, I am here 24-7.

4. I’ll make you smarter than your competitors. Digital changes so quickly. Anyone can take the lead if they have the right ideas. I enjoy updating my partners with everything new. I also never forget everything true.

Let’s chat. I used to do talk shows on the radio. I love to talk. Talking is under seige from email, texting, WhatsApp, CRMs, social posts. I know people who never talk anymore. I can. Try me.    o: 203.569.2003  c: 313.455.7111